Hi Mariano,

Would be good to have you, there's a lot to learn from your work ;-)

Michal's full name is Michal Balda and honestly I have no idea yet if and how we'll learn more about his framework. I just know he's working on several very interesting things.

If you ask: will there be any recordings or minutes? The answer is simple: if any of the attendees volunteers to take notes and blog and post or record the presentations, chances aren't too bad. I am not sure I want to or can do that at the moment...


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On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 1:35 AM, jtuc...@objektfabrik.de <mailto:jtuc...@objektfabrik.de> <jtuc...@objektfabrik.de <mailto:jtuc...@objektfabrik.de>> wrote:

    There are great news about the upcoming Smalltalker’s Meetup in

    We’ve found a conference room for the evening and will start off
    with a “show us your project” session in a room with a big screen
    and start the social part after your input at a nice Australian

    The best thing is: we already have a first session: Michal is
    going to show his new Gemstone-based persistence framework for
    Pharo. It can be used to develop in Pharo and keep your objects
    stored in Gemstone.


I would love to be in Zurich, but I obviously can't :(
So... is there a way to get some more info about that "Gemstone-based persistence framework for Pharo"? And who is Michal? Last name?


        We need your input

    This new setup with a meeting room adds more value to all of us:
    we can now not only talk about each others’ epxeriences and
    porjects, but see what they’re up to and what they found.

    So to make this event an even better one than before, we need
    people who’d like to share their ideas, their latest work on some
    hobby or professional project. There’s no need for a full-fledged
    sales pitch with fog and visual effects and such, just bring your
    laptop and show us what you do! The room is reserved for ca. 1
    hour, so we can have, say, 2-3 presentations before we leave for
    beer and steaks.

    So if you have something interesting to show or would like to find
    people to join on some early project you’re starting/planning,
    give us a chance to learn about it. If you’ve built some
    interesting tool or use Smalltalk for something very special to
    you, let us know and share your fascination and ideas. We’ll sure
    appreciate that!

    But if you spontaneously decide you want to show something or
    start some discussion, feel free to do so. You just need to be
    prepared that we might have to leave the room before it’s your
    turn. Timeslots are limited.

    It would be good if you’d pre-announce your demo to me for two
    reasons: first, we can see if we need to rent tho room for a
    little longer, but even better, your topic might attract even more
    people so I can post your topic and make sure people get the message.

        So where and when?

    We’ll meet at 7pm on Nov 8th, 2016 at

    Alpha Sprachwelt AG <http://alphasprachwelt.ch/kontakt.html>
    Stadelhoferstrasse 10
    8001 Zürich

    Around 8-8:30 pm we’ll walk over to the Outback Lodge where we’ve
    reserved a table. With Steaks and Drinks we can discuss ideas,
    talk about the good old times or do some spontaneous hacking. For
    directions to the Lodge visit

        How to register? How much is it?

    This is a meetup of friends, so it’s free to come, we look forward
    to meeting you and keeping in touch. You pay your meal and drinks,
    but the rest is free.

    We ask you to register on our Doodle page at

    Please also indicate in a comment to your registration if you want
    to give a short presentation.

    See you soon in Zürich!

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