"Is the usenet still around? It had all of what you ask for, without the

colors and emojis, though"

Everything is still around and kicking, usenets , bbs , Amiga, Amstrad,
Atari , dos and a much more

All of the actively developed with colors, emojis , acess to internet, 3D
graphics, movies, sound, music and integrated with many modern technologies
because vintage will always be super cool and enjoyable

It may surprise Pharo developers since for many of them is kinda like a
taboo to a admit the true age of Pharo legacy code, but there a ton of
people that prefer the simplicity and elegance of 30 year old technology
over new technology anyway. Obviously because they are aware how easy it is
to integrate old with new.

I was recently at the Athens comic con festival and one of the main
attractions was an area dedicated to vintage computers and consoles with a
very active community, they were even televised because they allowed anyone
to use these computers and because the con was a huge success .

I was pleasantly surprise to see people who enjoyed using these computers
were not people raised with amigas and Amstrad and ataris but also kids
raised with modern pcs , PS4 , Xbox one etc. Showing that anyone can enjoy
old technology.

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