Hello Marcus


I decided to join the Association. Just one oddity in the sign up process. 
There is a mandatory question about public listing, with just one box to tick, 
saying I want to be listed. The system won’t let you proceed unless you answer 
this question, and the only permitted answer is Yes. If it is intended that 
listing is optional, you should also have a No box, or change it so that 
answering is not mandatory. Personally I’m not worried about being publicly 
listed, but others might be.


Best wishes


Peter Kenny


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We would be very interesting in ideas/improvements wrt. to the 


if you have any ideas —> send me a mail.




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The new Pharo Association website is up and running for some month. 


If you are a member, it will bug you once a year to renew.


If you were a member in the past and have not been bugged by the system to 
renew until now,

please subscribe now as a new member.


(We added all active members, but as the old system was purely manual, people 
did not get

asked to renew very consistently and you might not be in the system anymore)


See the website for more information:


            https://association.pharo.org <https://association.pharo.org/> 





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