Just a suggestion: FLMaterializer class >>materializeFromFileNamed: requires
as argument aFilename, not aFileRefence. Presumably this means the name as a
string. This makes sense, because #convertToWithConverter: is the name of a
method understood by strings. If your invocation of the materializer
includes asFileReference, try again without that.


Hope this helps


Peter Kenny


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Subject: [Pharo-users] problem with FLMaterializer


Hi everyone,

 trying to migrate a Seaside application from Pharo4 to Pharo6 I get a
problem with FLMaterializer.


An expression like


(FLMaterializer materializeFromFileNamed: aFileRefence)


results in

MessageNotUnderstood: FileReference>>convertToWithConverter:

The same file can be materialized in Pharo4  without problems.



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