In the EnterprisePharo Book there is a chapter "Fuel Format Migration". There 
the format migration form Fuel version 1.7 to 1.9 is shown. I ask me if there 
is a similar possibility for the migration between Fuel in Pharo 4 and 6.

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Your suggestion is correct. I correct the expression to

(FLMaterializer materializeFromFileNamed: aFileRefence fullName)

Now I get another exception.
KeyNotFound: key #'ositive8SmallIntegerClusterJ 4Ü 1‚ ð+ –( %? "< 9 ª 6P M ¾0 d 
*ÒD ''x ! Œ 8' not found in SystemDictionary
I think this is a compatibility problem between different Fuel versions.


If you use Fuel to serialize objects with Pharo 4, then you can only 
materialize them with a Fuel from Pharo 4. Other versions of Fuel will not be 
able to read them.


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