I've got this portion in my delegate:

        requestPayload ifNotNil: [ uuidKeys do: [ :each |
requestPayload at: each ifPresent: [ :s | requestPayload at: each put: (UUID fromString: s) ] ] ].
        responsePayload := self towergame clientSync: requestPayload.
        responsePayload ifNotNil: [ uuidKeys do: [ :each |
responsePayload at: each ifPresent: [ :uuid | responsePayload at: each put: uuid asString ] ] ].

Now I would gladly use something like Dictionary >> at:ifPresentTransform: aBlock. But it is not present, so I have two choices:

1. Add it as extension method, but then it may clash if someone else has similar idea. 2. Add private helper TowergameDelegate >> dict:at:ifPresentTransform:, which is longer and needs additional self receiver.

Which is preferable?


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