Peter Kenny wrote
> This seems to be what the PPAndParser is designed for. 

Thanks for the pointer, Peter! I finally figured it out based on your
example. To get more concrete, I'm trying to parse a name, where the end of
the input might be an optional middle name, followed by an optional
generational (e.g. 'Paul III'). What I think the restricted line says is:
"peek to make sure we don't have a #gen, then try to parse an #identifier".
Interestingly the order is important. If the peek and identifier are
reversed, it tries to peek after the identifier, causing an error when there
is only a middle name (i.e. no more input).

identifier := #letter asParser plus flatten.
gen := 'Jr' asParser / 'Sr' asParser.
restricted := gen negate and, identifier.
parser := ((#space asParser, restricted) optional, (#space asParser, gen)
optional) end.
parser parse: ' Paul Jr'. 
parser parse: ' Paul'. 
parser parse: ' Jr'. 

This really had me baffled. Thanks again!!

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