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> Hi martin
> I would like to wlak over epicea objects and save the changed methods
> to be able to write booklets faster.
> What advices can you give me?
> Create a special visitor?

For the record, I copy this small explanation from a private email:

Epicea models:
- IDE events (refactorings, monticello) -> EpEvent
- code changes (class addition, method modification)  -> EpCodeChange

where EpCodeChange is subclass of EpEvent.

To create visitors you have EpTEventVisitor and EpTCodeChangeVisitor, that
provide default visitXX: implementations.

Stef, any update on the menu extension?

indeed I'm not proud of that method you included in another email. I didn't
consider the need to extend such menu (besides it's ugly code, anyway).


> Stef

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