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> Hi,
> Here is an update of the work on Bloc, Brick and GT. As always, please do let 
> us know what you think.
> [snip/]
> - Andrei put together a beautiful description of a scenario in which an 
> application is molded interactively in the Playground & Inspector. The 
> subject is face recognition, and the resulting code is both functional and 
> explainable. This is intended as a tutorial material that shows what moldable 
> development means and how it changes the way we program:
> https://twitter.com/feenkcom/status/972907051448979458

The GToolkit has certainly influenced how I program - and this is a
great article that lays it out quite clearly.  If I'm developing a new
application the first few iterations of the UI are pretty much always
extensions to the inspector.

I also enjoyed Tudor's interview on No Fluff Just Stuff which
discusses a real world use of this:

- Podcast audio:
- No Fluff Just Stuff: https://nofluffjuststuff.com/home/main


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