Dear List,

I was trying to set up Tide / Amber.

I found a Tide version for Pharo 3, but optimistically I tryed to set
it up with Pharo 6.

Then I went to 5, 4, and then I used 3.

I set Tide up according to the instructions, and well, the JSON
interface seemed to work fine.

This may not be the concern of this list:  Then I tried to get Amber
running, but I failed.  I found no description thatI was able to
follow to success.

What is the state of Tide?  Is it still actively supported, or has it
either vanished into a proprietary enterprise or been abandoned?

If it went to proprieary, is a successor still available?

Has it been abandoned in relation to technical or other shortcomings
of the concept?

Can anyone help me to get Tide running on Pharo 6?
Kind regards,


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