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20.9% {27116ms} DrGPointMorph>>drawOnAthensCanvas:
    |16.7% {21720ms} AthensCairoCanvas(AthensCanvas)>>createPath:
Storing the path in DrGPointMorph, rather than recreating for each draw:,
should save alot of time.

Indeed should work nicely for point with round shape. For rectangle shape it is not necessary, this what I did in the demo.
7.7% {9962ms} DrGTextMorph>>drawOnAthensCanvas:
   | 7.7% {9962ms} Form>>asAthensPaintOn:
Same thing here, only storing the paint, rather than converting from form
each draw.
In my demo, the text changes at each iteration. Useful for static geometric item label thought. But I already optimized this by discarding empty label

The cache suggestions will be find for static surface, it does not apply always though. In the scenario where Dr.Geo is used for animated demonstration, I already found a few optimization for Dr.Geo itself without touching to the Athens layer.

Thanks for your review


Dr. Geo

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