Hi Hilaire,
  thanks for spliting the subject, I have missed the discussion in the
other thread.

The #unload message should be used to clean up the system in case the class
is unload from the system.
That's why the logic has been move to the #resetCurrent method that is
called during the shutdown of the image.

However, the question is not if the method should be included in a
compatibility package or if the users should send #resetCurrent.
The problem is why it is needed to clean up the font cache, it should not
be needed. The only scenario I think is if you want to replace a font (in
the Pharo world a Face, because there is a font per each combination of
face and point size) named exactly the same with another one. I think this
is no normal behavior.

I will try to see why this is needed when loading DrGeo in Pharo7 and fix
the FT implementation not to need it.
Maybe it is hiding a bigger issue.


On Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 9:52 PM, Hilaire <hila...@drgeo.eu> wrote:

> I tracked the problem, it is related to change in the FreeTypeFontProvider
> behavior.
> In P3, #unload message cleared the cache. In P7, #unload just does
> nothing. Seems to be replaced by #resetCurrent
> Hilaire
> Le 07/04/2018 à 17:43, Stephane Ducasse a écrit :
>> Hi Hilaire
>> The app goes to the dock but nothing happens. What is strange is that
>> it is assigned to none display.
>> I tried to open the drgeo.image with my working Pharo6.1VM and it did not
>> work.
>> I tried to open the drgeo.image with my working Pharo70VM and it did not
>> work.
>> => did not open.
>> I could open one of my Phaor 70 images with the VM you ship.
>> I have no log files or others. So I do not know what to do.
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