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> Subject: Re: [Pharo-users] Where do we go now ?
> "You cannot take an alpha version and expect production quality."
> I'm on Windows 10, using Pharo 7.0 alpha 32 bit.
> Can I at least expect to be able to save code in my local Monticello
> repository ? It bombs. I just reported a bug!
> Can I expect the Windows installer for Pharo Launcher to work on Windows?
> It doesn't : it crashes.

It works fine for me on Windows 10.
There were some issues that depended on how PharoLauncher was installed.

The installer (NSIS) being used at that time doesn't handle non-Admin
installs very well.
Prior to PharoLauncher being promoted as the main download, I guess people
on Windows
using PharoLauncher either ran it as Admin, or worked around it like me -
on Windows I
would just roll my own from a fresh Pharo 6 and the Project Catalog.

To be clear, the problem was heavily influenced by the constraints of an
external tool.
Get PharoLauncher installed in the right location and it works like a dream.
Did you try the proof-of-concept installer I posted previously to the

> Can I expect Pharo Launcher (not installed from the .exe installer) to
> work on Windows?  It just doesn't. I get all kinds of error related to
> WindowsStore, bad UTF-8 encoding and other things... (see
> https://twitter.com/smalltalkdev/status/978973863332798464)

Yes most people can expect it works perfectly on Windows.  But as always it
There is always the chance something in your environment triggers a bug.
like maybe non-ascii characters in you username/path?

> Can I expect that when looking for implementors of a method things still
> work?  I get duplicates (see attached file).

Do you mean only the duplicate "Traited class >> isTrait" in your
I just tried this in "Pharo-7.0+alpha.build.762.sha.0e0fe47c5ccef"
by typing "isTrait" into the Playground, selecting it and pressing Ctrl-M,
and I don't get the duplicate.

Which build of Pharo are you using?

> Can I expect reading input from the console to work on Windows?  It
> doesn't.

Bit hard to understand your problem from that one-liner.

> Can I expect to be able to test my stuff on Windows?  That's kinda hard
> when Windows is always 6 months to 1 year behind VM-wise.
I'm not whining about the effort people put into this project : I'm mostly
> whining about duplication of effort and code and *very poor* Windows
> support...

AFAIK, Pharo 6.1 32-bit VM is up to date with the other platforms.
Regarding 64-bit Windows.  Yes it is behind.  The specific companies
interested in 64-bit Linux support put money on the table to get it done.
No one has stepped up to do the same for Windows 64-bit, so realistically
it lags behind.

btw, lately it gets harder to run 32-bit apps on Linux and OSX, but there
is no reason to stop using 32-bits VM on Windows.

> Can I expect to be able to contribute ?  That is kinda sad but all the
> cool scripts out there are .sh files.


> Just spend 2 weeks working with Pharo on Windows.  You can start with
> version 5.1 if you want and let me know how it goes...  Brace yourself, I'm
> telling you, you're off for a wild & unpleasant ride.

Its been a while since I worked with Pharo on Windows, but I've been using
it the last few weeks with no problems. Pharo 6.1 and Pharo 7.

cheers -ben

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