Maybe I’m missing something, or maybe I’m not ‘everyone’, but I’ve only had a 
few problems with 32 bit Pharo 7 and Windows.  Btw Windows 10 “64 bit” is about 
as 64 bit as Windows 95 was 32 bit.  i.e. not very.  Most of the issues center 
around Moose, not the core Pharo.  But I’m only playing with Pharo 7, mainly on 
Linux where the latest image seems pretty stable.  My actual development is 
still on 61 (and in one case, 5.0 since it requires the old FFI).


M$ is supposed to fix the remains of 32 bit Windows next year, but we all know 
what ‘next year’ means to Microsoft, it’s forever ‘next year’.


As far as I understood, most of the development of Pharo 7 is focused on the 64 
bit version in any case.  What’s missing from 61 that you absolutely have to 
have ATM?  






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BTW, why put an .exe installer for Windows available when it crashes right from 
the start? It just doesn't work at all.  Period.  For everyone.


And I thought looking for senders of a method was something we mastered a long 
time ago, like starting with Smalltalk-76.  Am I supposed to assume that 
everything, even basic functionalities, are all broken because it's labeled 
"alpha" ?



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I'm on Windows 10, using Pharo 7.0 alpha 32 bit.



and btw… which part of ALPHA you do not get?



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