Btw, in my fascination with messing around, the 32 bit version of Pharo 7 for 
Windows runs better on OS/2 v.5 (yes, it still exists, it was released last 
June).  Probably because its Win32 subsystem is more compatible with Win32 apps 
than Windows 10.




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BTW, why put an .exe installer for Windows available when it crashes right from 
the start? It just doesn't work at all.  Period.  For everyone.


And I thought looking for senders of a method was something we mastered a long 
time ago, like starting with Smalltalk-76.  Am I supposed to assume that 
everything, even basic functionalities, are all broken because it's labeled 
"alpha" ?



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I'm on Windows 10, using Pharo 7.0 alpha 32 bit.



and btw… which part of ALPHA you do not get?



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