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> A somewhat unique name makes it easier to google for it (like Roassal
> Pharo, or DeepTraverser Pharo, or Zinc Pharo). 
> These will give us hits that are relevant.
> Try System Browser, Inspector...
> And Apple has worked with NSObject and stuff like that without too much
> trouble (at a much larger scale for whatever XyzKit they released).
> Ah, yes, they used the "Kit" suffix. Maybe can we have something like
> that with Pharo. Like SystemBrowserKit ( nah, too Appleish.

But I prefer these names:
* Calypso System Browser
* Calypso Debugger
* Iceberg Source Control Management
* Zinc HTTP Client
* Zinc HTTP Server
* Fuel Serialization
* Glamorous Spotter [*]
* etc.

[*] I particularly dislike "Glamorous" adjective.

In the case of wrapper for libraries I'm hesitant to decide whether to
indicate pharo name in it or not.
I mean stuff like a NaCl wrapper calling it "NaCl-Pharo" instead of
calling "Salty".

> Let's try SystemBrowserMeccano (longish), or SystemBrowserPack (too
> bland), or SystemBrowserGear (why not), SystemBrowserRig (this one
> sounds cool actually)).

Fortunately in the past the lack of namespaces caused the use of
prefixes instead of suffixes.

With time prefixes become invisible.

A suffix, instead, will get into all your names, bothering with other
existing suffixes like `Component`, `Model`, `Collection`, and so on.

Esteban A. Maringolo

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