can you open a bug entry.
Now I can tell you that the launcher is one of the most complex
application built in Pharo because
it has to adapt to multiple OS, multiple version of OS, multiple
versions of the images and the VM.
For example we discover that we cannot open certain pharo 30 image
with the pharo 30 vm but
better with a pharo 40 vm.


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>> For those interested.
>> Created the issues 21686, 21693, 21695, 21696.
>> And more to come...
> Thanks for those.  I don't much time right to devote, but managed to knock
> one off.
> And I learn't something new.  I'd not known there was a setting for screen
> background.
> The other ones seem related to a problem dealing with user home folders
> containing non-ascii characters.
> Currently this seems only to affect a small number of people, but is a show
> stopper for them,
> and the numbers will grow with our hoped for growing popularity.
> As a work around, in the PharoLauncher settings can you set the directories
> like
> C:\PharoLauncher\images
> C:\PharoLaucnher\vms
> and report if that helps.
> Note, I bumped into an issue changing that setting myself recently where it
> tries to migrate
> the existing images from the old to the new folder, causing a catch-22 when
> your trying
> to do that to work around other problems.  To work around that, I had to
> scroll
> down the debug stack to find where the migration was iterating through the
> image folders,
> and short circuit that with "Return entered value" from the context menu.
> Any value
> will do when the return value is not used.  good luck.
> @PharoLauncher maintainers, can the change in this setting be made to
> succeed even if the migration fails.
> (I need to run right now)
> cheers -ben

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