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Unfortunately there probably isn't one list.
Its hard to unlearn what is accumulated
and easy to take for granted what we know is obvious to everyone.
Maybe we need a "Glossary" at https://github.com/pharo-project/pharo/tree/master/wiki
where newcomers can add items for others to fill in.

this is part a debate Stef and I have since years.
I think we need to put generic names to our tools:

- System browser
- Source Version Control
- etc.

while Stef supports fantasy names:

- Calypso
- Iceberg
- etc.

you know who won this debate ;)

but at least I would like to add an option for special menu to show what is suck tool.


Personally I have wished for a long time that Pharo used standard names for the default tools or libraries in the image. I think the fancy names can lead to confusion as to what am I supposed to use. Which one is the default one, which one is the development one. One shouldn't have to ask the mailing list to determine such things.

If one plans on developing in Pharo for years or for decades. The constant turnover of names makes things cognitively more challenging and I would think it would also make bringing older code forward more difficult.

I ask these questions as one who doesn't know the answer, but only has an opinion. This is not what I do everyday.

What works best for the long view of our system? At some point we know  the constant churn will be reduced and we will have a clean, as small as reasonable and stable system. When this is the case, what is best for Pharo in naming of tools and libraries? New names every time implementation changes? Or stable common understandable names, names which represent what the class is? I think the fancy name is okay for the development version. And when upgraded to becoming the default, the name becomes the default name.

I think it would be nice to have stable names which can provide a stable api of class names and public messages which can be around for decades. I think innovation and creativity belong in better places than what's the new name for the System Browser, etc.

It seems this would be nicer on us bears of very little brain. :)


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