Regarding the various problems Pharo Launchers had on Windows, we worked on a 
new installer based on Advanced Installer [1] to avoid UAC (User Account 
Control) and write permissions problems. This new installer now installs Pharo 
Launcher in the user’s local app data folder (where for sure, he has write 
permissions). Pharo Launcher also now have its own icon and use its own name 
instead of Pharo. Also, the uninstaller now works as expected. Last but not 
least, the installer is now signed to avoid warning of Windows Defender.
Thanks to Ben Coman who did the first version of the packaging using Advanced 
Installer (was NSIS).
This version should also improve the launch of Pharo images on Windows.

So, please could you install and test this new version: and report any problem 
with it? http://files.pharo.org/pharo-launcher/win-alpha/
We do not have windows users around so it’s hard to know if it works outside 
our tests boxes.


[1] https://www.advancedinstaller.com/

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