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> Le 11/07/2018 à 16:43, Tim Mackinnon a écrit :
>> I can see pro’s/con’s either way - but wondering what others think.
> IMHO, the simpler the better, particularly for users with no knowledge
> on Pharo.
> Hello world could be class-less just: Transcript show: 'Hello world'
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Even shorter:

  'Hello World!' crLog.

A variant using the Growl disappearing popup:

  self inform: 'Hello World!'.

Using a dialog:

  UIManager default alert: 'Hello World!'.

Using a window:

  'Hello World!' asMorph openInWindow.

For real terminal output, there is this possibility:

Stdio stdout << 'Hello World!'; lf; flush.

All these are nice alternatives that can be used to explain different 
approaches/techniques, although they might be beyond what is expected.


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