Sounds like what I’ve been doing is what others do too - I just wasn’t sure if 
my memory had served me well. It was great to be reminded about some of the 
subtleties though - hadn’t thought about a/an stopping inst var collisions.

I actually have an original copy of that style book, I was working at OTI at 
the time and knew Suzanne and Dave and we were all given a copy (probably worth 
a quick skim again)

Thanks everyone


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> On 12 Jul 2018, at 11:09, Erik Stel <> wrote:
> In the day, I learned from Smalltalk with Style:
> On PDF-page 13 naming starts. On PDF-page 29 parameter names are explained
> (but refers back to typed names for example). Naming ends at PDF-page 35. So
> quite elaborate explanation of naming ;-).
> In practice I also mix typed names (aCollection), semantic names (addresses)
> and a combination (anAddressCollection). I prefer the combination except for
> trivial situations or when the (class and) method name provide(s) enough
> context (name: aString). This later might in itself be less trivial if the
> context get broader than class and method (name).
> @Tim, the book might be useful for more than just naming since it covers
> quite some ground.
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