We invite you to join us at Smalltalks 2018
<https://smalltalks2018.fast.org.ar/> in Salta, for the 12th free
conference  on Smalltalk based technologies, research and industry



No payment is required to attend nor to present a talk.

We do accept donations from willing individuals and companies to keep our
activities free.
When & Where

The conference will be held from October 31 to November 2 at Universidad
Nacional de Salta <http://di.unsa.edu.ar/>, in Salta, Argentina.

Workshops are also planned at the same site on October 29 and 30.

For the talks this year, we’d like to offer a wide range of subjects of
interest to our attendees.

We’d like to encourage students, researchers and industry experts to share
with us their stories and expertise on different Smalltalk inspired
languages, frameworks and methodologies.

Whether you have developed or researched an architecture, component or
product, that is based on Smalltalk, or that could offer new insights to
Smalltalk developers, we invite you to speak at this year’s conference.

We are also interested in hearing about your experiences with the newest
technologies and how they compare to Smalltalk equivalents. Is it easier to
implement a Blockchain in Smalltalk than in Scala? Is Pharo offering the
required tools to work with Deep Learning? Can Gemstone outperform SQL when
working with image processing?


During 2018, Aerolíneas Argentinas <https://www.aerolineas.com.ar> is the
official transporter for Smalltalks 2018.

A 10% discount is available for airplane tickets to attend the conference:


   Go to Aerolineas Argentinas conferences

   Choose your origin and use SMTKS as promo code

   Follow the instructions on the page

This discount is valid for all tickets (tourist or executive class) with
destination to Salta, arriving on or after October 24, and departing on or
before November 7.
The origin city can be any in Argentina, and also Madrid, Miami, New York,
Rome, Asunción, Bogotá, Cancún, Curitiba, Florianopolis, Lima, Montevideo,
Porto Alegre, Punta Cana, Punta del Este, Río de Janeiro, San Pablo,
Salvador de Bahía, Santa Cruz de la Sierra or Santiago de Chile.

Legal disclaimer: Aerolíneas Argentinas as official transporter is not
responsible for the organization, execution nor any other activity related
to the conference.

As part of our vision, we aim to support people interested in participating
in Smalltalk-related conferences, to generate a stronger community that can
continue our work in the future.

If you are a university student and require financial assistance to attend
the conference, we encourage you to contact us <i...@fast.org.ar>.

We can offer travel and lodging funds to help you be part of this year’s
Support FAST

FAST is a non-profit organization, funded by the donations of organizations
and individuals.

This support allows us to keep the conference free, every year, and to help
students and distinguished speakers to attend.

You can show your support at:


Exclusive conference T-Shirts will be provided to those who donate before
September 27th.

Join us with your assistance, your presentations and your support.

Help us continue to build this great community. See you in Salta!

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