Much depends on what you mean by "Markdown".
The current version of the CommonMark spec
comes to 124 printed pages.  Mind you, some of that is background, some of it is
advice about how to parse Markdown, and a lot of it is 500 examples.
If I wanted to
process Markdown in Smalltalk, I'd probably use the CommonMark reference
implementation in C (cmark) to convert Markdown to XML and parse the XML.
Alternatively, call libcmark through the foreign function interface.

On Wed, 25 Mar 2020 at 06:52, Tim Mackinnon <> wrote:
> Hi guys - do we have a simple markdown parser that is reasonably up to date? 
> I did a quick GitHub scan and a few popped out, but I wasn’t convinced I had 
> found one the “everyone” uses (albeit, everyone might be a small sample).
> Ideally I don’t want to get sucked into writing another one (a project for a 
> future time).
> Tim

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