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> Sorry, I mean how so are Smalltalk systems less compatible than web browsers 
> are?

Different dialects have different features (e.g. Namespaces, Traits),
syntax, image format...

Smalltalk is a concept, with Smalltalk-80 as the canonical reference,
not even a specification, because ANSI Smalltalk was the closest thing
to a standard (Like ECMA TS39 is for JavaScript), but it was DoA.

> This means between different distributions of Smalltalk (VA, Squeak, 
> Pharo...)? Same code are not as compatible between different Smalltalks 
> distribution as a web application is between different browsers? How so? Why?

Because of history for the most part.
Smalltalk comes from a pre-opensource era, where commercial vendors
were the norm, and competition was not collaborative as it might be

Each one took its own path and merging everything back is non-viable,
both for technical and commercial reasons.

When/if smalltalk grows to a web scale, then the need for standards
and constraint will arise.


Esteban A. Maringolo

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