Dear all,

The Moral Sciences Club's next meeting will be held on Tuesday 18th
October. We are delighted to welcome Dr Tom Stern (UCL), who will be giving
a talk entitled "The Problem with Nietzsche's Ethics of Affirmation". Here
is the abstract:

Affirmation is the cornerstone of Nietzsche’s ethics. No understanding of
his philosophy can fail to take it into account. The paper offers a new
reading of affirmation in the later Nietzsche, in light of his emphasis on
what is ‘natural’. By looking closely at his arguments connecting
affirmation and nature, we can get Nietzsche’s later philosophical strategy
into much sharper focus. But in doing so, we reveal two major problems
which confront his work, by his own standards. The result is a much-needed
clarification and critique of this central Nietzschean ideal.

The meeting will be held at 2:30 until 4:15, in the Barbara White Room at
Newnham College, and will be followed by tea and coffee.

For those who have not yet paid, there is a yearly membership fee of £7.50
for students and £15 for others, or a one-off fee of £3 (£2 for students).
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Matt Dougherty, James Hutton, and Li Li Tan
Secretaries of the Moral Sciences Club
Faculty of Philosophy
University of Cambridge
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