Dear All,

A reminder that the next meeting of the Moral Sciences Club will be held on
Tuesday 13 February (tomorrow). We're delighted to welcome John Gardner
(Oxford), who will give a paper titled, "The Punishment/Self-Defence
Distinction". The abstract is below.

I will discuss three questions. First, is there a secure distinction
between retributive and distributive justice? Second, is there a sharp(ish)
distinction between desert and necessity? Third, should we expect the
distinction between punishment and self-defence to hold apart from the
existence of social practices that differentiate them? I lean towards
negative answers to all three questions. I will therefore raise doubts
about recent philosophical writings on self-defence that presuppose
affirmative answers to one or more of them.

The meeting will be held 2.30-4.15 pm in the Barabara White room of Newnham

If you attend the talk and you'd like to join us for dinner in the evening
following the paper, please contact the Club Secretaries by replying to
this email by no later than noon today . We'll then contact you with
further details about the time and restaurant.

Best wishes,

Karamvir Chadha and Cathy Mason

Secretaries of the Moral Sciences Club

Faculty of Philosophy

University of Cambridge
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