Dear all,

A reminder that today Bart Streumer (Groningen) will be giving a paper 
entitled “Reduction without supervenience” (abstract below) at the 
Serious Metaphysics Group.

As usual, the seminar will run from 4.30 to 6.00pm in the Philosophy 
Faculty Board Room.

Hope to see you there,


According to non-reductive realism, there are irreducibly normative 
properties. There is a well-known argument against this view that 
appeals to the following claim about supervenience: for all possible 
worlds W and W*, if the instantiation of descriptive properties in W and 
W* is exactly the same, then the instantiation of normative properties 
in W and W* is also exactly the same. Some non-reductive realists try to 
resist this argument by rejecting this claim about supervenience. In 
this talk, I give a very similar argument against their view that does 
not appeal to any claim about supervenience.

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