Dear All,

The next meeting of the Moral Sciences Club will be held tomorrow,Tuesday
February. We're delighted to welcome Larry Temkin (Rutgers), who will give
a paper titled, "Assessing the Goodness of Outcomes: Questioning some
Common Assumptions". The abstract is below.

 This talk explores and challenges several common assumptions regarding the
assessment of outcome goodness.  It is divided into two main parts.  In
Part I, I present the Narrow Person-Affecting View, which many people
believe is relevant to assessing the goodness of outcomes in some contexts.
I consider an important challenge to the View posed by Jake Ross, and two
responses to the challenge.  Both responses involve significant
reexamination of how best to understand the Narrow Person-Affecting View
and its implications for ranking, and choosing between, different outcomes.
In Part II, I take up the question of what neutrality requires of us in
assessing outcomes.  In particular, I consider whether we should be neutral
between different possible locations of the good:  space, time, and people.
I suggest that from a normative perspective we should treat space
differently than time, and people differently than space and time.  I also
argue that in some cases we should give priority to people over space and
time, and to time over space, but that, controversially, in some cases, we
should give priority to time over people, as it were.  At various points my
discussion touches and draws on themes from other work of mine, regarding
the Internal Aspects View, the Essentially Comparative View,
intransitivity, the Capped Model of Moral Ideals, and Personal versus
Impersonal Values, but I don’t presume familiarity with those notions.

The meeting will be held 2.30-4.15 pm in the Barbara White room of Newnham

If you attend the talk and you'd like to join us for dinner in the evening
following the paper, please contact the Club Secretaries by replying to
this email by noon today . We'll then contact you with
further details about the time and restaurant.

Best wishes,

Karamvir Chadha and Cathy Mason
Secretaries of the Moral Sciences Club
Faculty of Philosophy
University of Cambridge
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