Dear all,

This coming Wednesday Brian Pitts (Cambridge) will be giving a paper 
entitled “Energy Conservation, the Mind, and General Relativity" 
(abstract below) at the Serious Metaphysics Group.

As it was announced, due to job interviews the Serious Metaphysics Group 
will be held only for this week in room 326. The room can be found in 
the same floor that the Philosophy Faculty, but at the MML side of the 
Raised Faculty Building.

Hope to see you there,

Mental causation has been a difficult subject for both longstanding and 
modern reasons.  Property dualism with distinctively mental causal 
powers shares something like the traditional mind-body problem usually 
associated with interactionist substance dualism, including the 
enduringly popular energy conservation objection employed by Leibniz. 
However, modern physics has various features that are unknown in the 
philosophy of mind, which affect energy conservation objections both for 
the worse and for the better. General Relativity poses a novel energy 
conservation objection that is more powerful.  Its effectiveness, 
however, ultimately depends upon background beliefs outside the 
philosophy of mind.

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