Dear all,

Theron Pummer (University of St Andrews) will be giving a talk in the 
Faculty Board Room from 2.30pm - 4pm, entitled "Optimizing Outside 

Abstract: Suppose you can either: (i) do nothing, (ii) sacrifice your 
arm to save one child, or (iii) sacrifice your arm to save five. Many 
believe there are non-consequentialist moral options according to which 
(i) is permissible. Even if there are, it seems that (ii) is wrong, 
given the availability of (iii). In an earlier paper, I defended the 
claim that (ii) is wrong, even if (i) is permissible. More generally, I 
claimed that even if there are moral options of the above sort, you act 
wrongly if you fail to do (much) more good at no (or little) extra cost 
to yourself. In the present paper, I respond to a number of important 
objections to these claims, including those from Jeff McMahan.

All welcome! We'll head to the pub afterwards for anyone who wants to 
join that too.

Best wishes,

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