The fourth 2019-20 session of the monthly seminar organized by the Cambridge 
Forum for Legal & Political Philosophy will take place tomorrow, Thursday, 
January 16th, at 3:00pm, in Room S19 of the Law Faculty Building.  (Room S19 is 
on the second floor of the Law Faculty Building; access to it is through the 
Squire Law Library.)

The session will be chaired by Harry Harland, who is currently a PhD student in 
the Law Faculty.  For the reading, he has chosen an essay by Richard Arneson, 
"The Smart Theory of Responsibility and Desert."  That essay can be down-loaded 
as an on-line draft at the URL below.  (In its published form, the essay is 26 
pages in length and is thus in compliance with the 30-page restriction for 
CFLPP seminars.  In this on-line draft, the double-spacing extends the length 
to 42 pages -- but the content is the same as the content of the published 

Everyone is welcome to attend the seminar.

Matthew H. Kramer FBA
Professor of Legal & Political Philosophy, Cambridge University
Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge
Director of Cambridge Forum for Legal & Political Philosophy
Fellow of the British Academy

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