Gary Warner wrote:

<<snippity snip>>
> Sample reply from HKDNR follows:
> (I have 28 copies of this form email received between March 5 and March
> 12.  In most of the 28 cases, the fraudulent domain is still online.
> Apparently after March 12 they decided to stop answering our emails at
> all, since we are no longer even getting the form letter replies.  They
> just block the email and let the fraud continue.)


Solid evidence that HKDNR is actively complicit in assisting the 
fraudsters and actively complicit in resisting the anti-fraud efforts 
of recognized, well-established anti-fraud efforts.

Report this to ICANN and the HK Police.

Sounds like HKDNR is heading the way of YESnic from a while back, whose 
almost exact same tactics led them dangerously close to being de-listed 
as a registrar...


Nick FitzGerald

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