The motor looks very similar to the one in my Sonora Italian Renaissance deluxe 
phonograph that I had George work on last winter,
but it is a different variation having the parts arranged differently. For 
instance your governor mounts below the bottom
framework whereas mine is mounted above the lower framework. I don't know if 
this makes your older, or newer, than mine, or if it
is a different motor model.  Mine has the counter mechanism on top of it and 
will play 14 records with one winding.
Greg Farmer
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The motor is out of one of the big Sonora Grand models. I've seen this style in 
a number of variation and they always mount to the
bottom of the motor cavity.  Some of the models had a record counter and that 
is what the top hardware is for.  Motor appears
incomplete and finding mating parts will be all but impossible, still a good 
parts motor as these are scare. 
Thank you,
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On 8/12/2016 2:17 PM, Ron L'Herault via Phono-L wrote:
Don't remember if we can attach pics here but I tried anyhow.  I'm trying to
find out what this large Swiss made motor might have come out of.  It is
missing its spindle and associated gear(s) and probably a few other bits and
pieces.  I think the long flat thing up the top is part of a mechanism to
tell how many records one can play on a winding.  The two heavy metal
brackets came with it as well.
Ron L

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