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He has been able to disassemble the reproducer for the most part. It looks
like maybe someone had attempted repair prior however, obviously some of the
ball bearings are gone. 


The needle bar seems "hung up" so we had hoped for instructions or diagrams
before proceeding as maybe some type of sequence is part of the solution.


Your assistance is appreciated.






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Any luck with this?   It's not a terrible job if the unit comes apart OK and
does not suffer from pot metal disintegration issues.  A friend of mine had
made special jigs to hold things in position while doing tasks such as
reinstalling the rather tiny ball bearings.


Ron L


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I am looking for a reference online or / in print some ware I can get
instructions and or diagrams for rebuilding a Orthophonic reproducer.

My friend who does support me on projects which I can't do, is a little
perplexed and wants some guidance before proceeding.


Thanks in advance



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