Is anyone attending the Donley Music auction on Saturday in Union? You may also 
watch the auction's live online video. And you can bid online right now, 
without having to wait for the auction to start.. To do so, click on "View 
Catalog" at:

You may bid on these items that I am selling:

Edison Idelia - Lot 196
Edison Opera - Lot 141
Edison Amberola III (Opera mechanism) - Lot 327
Edison W-19 William and Mary Diamond Disc - Lot 326
Brunswick Japanese Upright Disc Phono with Ultona Head (Edison, Pathe, needle) 
- Lot 328
Columbia BF Graphophone - plays regular 4-inch long cylinders, and Columbia 
6-inch long cylinders - Lot 156
Pink Lambert 5-inch Cylinder in Original Box - Lot 173
Pathe 5-inch Cylinder in Pathe Box - Lot 176
Edison 5-inch Cylinder in Edison Box - Lot 181
Phoenix Brand 5-inch Cylinder (modern) in Original Box - Lot 182
Edison Suitcase Standard - Lot 336

METAL CYLINDER MOLD FOR BLUE AMBEROL,  and matching cylinder - I’ve never heard 
of another Edison mold for sale - Lot 174
Three Metal Master Discs for stamping Victor records - Lot 612
Edison Speaking Tube - Lot 478
Copper Oxidized Edison Diamond Disc Reproducer - Lot 479
Carbon Arc Lamp - sold as a sunlamp, and actually uses an arc from carbon rods, 
using an internal resistor to limit current. Plugs into 120v outlet - Lot 585

Four stunning Reproduction Tinfoil Phonographs:
Edison Parlor Tinfoil by Bill Ptacek - Lot 221
Edison Hardy Tinfoil by Ray Phillips - Lot 222
Gillette Tinfoil by Neil Maken - Lot 223
Edison Parlor by Ray Phillips - Lot 224

To avoid scrolling through hundreds of Lots, take advantage of the “Search 
Catalog” function,  and especially the “Go to Lot” function to jump right to my 

Good luck!
Jim Nichol

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