I’d love to get the cylinder cabinet but tricky to get to Australia.




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I'm selling this for a lady that recently lost her house in a fire with no 
insurance. This was in storage and spared. It's an Standard E . It has the 2&4 
conversion and a new H reproducer. The motor was cleaned and new spring 
installed in 2004. The base of the Cygnet horn has been restored. This comes 
with a cylinder cabinet, all in excellent condition (except for the upper half 
of the horn). All proceeds go to helping this lady get back on her feet. The    
chrome Cygnet horn support is also new. It plays beautifully. I can send more 
pics upon request. A phono friend thought it would go between 7 to 900 dollars. 
Let me know if interested. Thanks

Randy Larson 


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