These Edison oddities are very interesting. I have a Fireside with the 
stenciling like you see on a Model A or B Standard. Also, I have a Model D home 
with the earlier pin stripping and a Model B case. To me, these are more 
interesting than the usual cookie cutter types.

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#yiv6209500941 #yiv6209500941 -- P 
{margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}#yiv6209500941 I thought it would be an F, 
Edison used the F to get rid of a lot of left over parts.  I have seen a Home 
with a Triumph ID plate and a Home serial number, and during 1908 for a period 
of time Edison made the B, C and D all at the same time so you see a lot of 
variety.  I have seen a Standard D with a B ID plate and the tall B case, a 
maroon Gem with the block GEM decal, along with other variety and factory 

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Subject: Re: [Phono-L] Edison E I re-looked at my standard with the changed ID 
tag.  It now appears that the letter which looked like an "E"on further 
inspection is actually an "F".  The machine has a small top-mount reproducer 
ring. This fits with the 2/4 gearing and cygnet horn.  One wonders if original 
buyers were ever sophisticated enough to recognize the differences between 
models with all the factory changes. However, I would assume they would have 
known what they wanted given the options of 2 and 4 minute reproduction.Art 
Heller  In a message dated 4/13/2017 10:09:50 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time, writes:
The picture that Randy posted looks identical to the Model F pictured in the 
Frow book.  It says the E had a side mount carriage arm with large opening for 
a Model N reproducer, whereas the F had top mount carriage arm with a small 
opening for C, H, R, or S reproducers. It says the Model E had a straight 
paneled horn with a front mount crane, whereas the Model F had a cygnet horn 
with a back mount crane bracket.
Also, the Standard Models D, E, and F all had both 2 and 4 minute gearing. 
HOWEVER, on the Model E, the mechanism was blocked to keep it in 4-minute mode 
all the time. If Randy found it was stuck in 4-minute mode, this would support 
the E nameplate.  Otherwise, everything else points to a Model F. Of course, 
you never know what really happened at the Edison factory.
Jim Nichol

On Apr 13, 2017, at 9:29 PM, harvey kravitz via Phono-L <> 
It's probably a Model D Standard. These were 2.4 min. The model E was strictly 
a  4 min. machine.Harvey Kravitz

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I’d love to get the cylinder cabinet but tricky to get to Australia.Jamie  
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Subject: [Phono-L] Edison E I'm selling this for a lady that recently lost her 
house in a fire with no insurance. This was in storage and spared. It's an 
Standard E . It has the 2&4 conversion and a new H reproducer. The motor was 
cleaned and new spring installed in 2004. The base of the Cygnet horn has been 
restored. This comes with a cylinder cabinet, all in excellent condition 
(except for the upper half of the horn). All proceeds go to helping this lady 
get back on her feet. The    chrome Cygnet horn support is also new. It plays 
beautifully. I can send more pics upon request. A phono friend thought it would 
go between 7 to 900 dollars. Let me know if interested. ThanksRandy Larson 

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