*For sale today is a hard to find, some may say rare, Edison Standard
Speaker. *

*This Standard Speaker is in nice, original condition. It has an original
french glass diaphragm and a new stylus. The cutter looks whitish, and I
have not tried it. The nickel on the Standard Speaker is stunning. It
presents exceedingly well overall and is one of the nicer ones that I have
ever seen. *

*Standard Speakers were offered starting in 1889 until 1902 (according to
Frow). What makes them special is that they had both the playback and
recording stylus on the same needle bar. An adjustment to the angle is all
that it takes to change from play to record. While it was much easier to
use than having a separate reproducer and recorder, the Automatic
reproducer functioned better for sound reproduction. Therefore the Standard
Speaker is not often found today. *

*This would be an awesome opportunity to dress up one of your early Edison
machines with a hard to find reproducer. They don't come around that often.
One did just sell on EBAY, but that was one of the first ones I've seen
sell in a very long time. If you are interested, don't wait. This early
stuff is not that easy to find. *

*The price is $775.00, Firm. Pictures available upon request. Postage and
insurance is additional to where you live. No PayPal, but checks are fine.
I can deliver to Stanton's Auction or Union with payment. *

*Please email me with interest at mshawnorou...@gmail.com

Shawn O'Rourke
(248) 915 0954
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