For sale today is a machine I have owned for quite some time. It is the
nicest Victor III I have ever seen, which is why I have kept it. It’s time
to move it on.

The machine is absolutely stunning. Everything, with the exception of the
gaskets in the rebuilt reproducer, is original. The finish is stunning. The
pen striping is as near to perfect as you can find. Wonderful original
felt. Awesome #20 smooth oak Victor horn. It has an excellent dealer tag on
the front as well. It’s a strong player and sounds absolutely wonderful.
Not sure what else I can say, but if you have questions, I will be glad to
answer them, take more pictures.

A reprinted Victor III Instruction manual is included with the machine.

If you are looking for the best, this Victor III may be for you.

The price is $2,500. Shipping is additional.

I can deliver to Stanton's in the fall, and possibly the Wayne Show. No
PayPal, but checks are fine.

I have pictures that I can share with those who have serious interest.

Please contact me with interest or questions directly, additional pictures

Thank you

Shawn O'Rourke
(248) 915 0954
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