Greetings.  I have a Victor L-Door VV-XVI (C series) and I need two smaller 
gold knobs in addition to the one large gold door knob I posted about 
yesterday.  In this case, I need the knob that is affixed to the front of the 
record shelf (the one that pulls out in between the speaker and the L-doors) 
and the one that should be affixed to the upper left-hand corner of the motor 
board to facilitate pulling it up.  I could also use the one that attached to 
the pull-down door in the back of the cabinet.  These are also basic screw 
knobs with no backing, I believe.  I have no idea what the diameter of any of 
these knobs should be; if someone could let me know, I would be grateful.  And 
if someone should happen to have any or all of them to sell, please let me 
know.  Thanks again!
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