Just bought a Brunswick "Cortez" phonograph from an estate.   The late owner
had removed the lid & doors so he could strip the outside of the cabinet &
never replaced them after the stripping & two of the door hinges are
missing.    Also missing are one door knob, needle cups & many screws.   Can
anyone furnish the door hinges & knob?   The hinges attach to the tops &
bottoms of the doors.     I've found some needle cups which fit but the top
of the used needle cup is nickel plated, not gold.    The tone arm & lid
supports are gold plated which makes me think the original needle cups may
also have been gold plated.   If so, I'd like to get gold plated  needle
cups & possibly since the lid supports & tone arm are fairly rusty,
replacements for these too with finish in better condition.    Any help in
finding these parts will be much appreciated.      Many thanks!   (I've
already asked Ron Haring.)


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