I have one as well.  I don't remember if I've redone it or not.  Have you
done the puff test to see if gaskets leak?  Visual inspection of the
diaphragm?   A bit of oil on the pivot system for the needle bar may help


Ron L'Herault


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I recently obtained a Brunswick "Cortez" phonograph which I have long
wanted.   Have taken steps to obtain the best possible sound quality from it
by sealing the tone arm joints with vasoline & using putty to seal the
connection between the base of the tone arm to the top of the passage
leading to the horn but am still disappointed in the results, noticeably
inferior to the similar size Columbia Viva-tonal 800 & 810 & the Victrola
Orthophonic "Credenza" as well as the Victrola  10-50 changer. ( For playing
acoustically recorded records the earlier Brunswicks with the "Ultona"tone
arm & soundbox & much  smaller horns than the "Cortez" actually sound better
than the "Cortez" - in nearly all cases I find them best of all acoustic
phonographs for playing acoustic records.)  


The "Cortez" horn itself appears to be in excellent condition without any
noticeable cracks or open  joints which might cause air leaks.   This leaves
only the sound box which also appears to be in excellent condition though
the gold plating is worn.  


Have any of you with Brunswick "Cortez" machines found that the reproduction
is improved by having its  sound box restored?   If so, who would you
recommend to undertake the restoration or is this something that can be done
by the local repairman?   Are appropriate gaskets, etc. available for
restoring a Brunswick "Cortez" soundbox?


Am still searching for the knife hinges for the front doors of the "Cortez"
& one missing front door knob.


Any ideas will be much appreciated.


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