Is there an approximately C shaped, square cross section wire coming off the
back of the reproducer?  Does it get lifted by the action of the paddle
coming out of the stanchion?   I'm looking at the 1A I have here.  That  C
shape can be adjusted a bit.  Closing the C lowers the reproducer a bit
more.  On the machine I have here, the very tip of the C rides up on the
paddle to raise the reproducer weight almost as far as it will go before
touching the body of the reproducer.  Since this is the only 1A I've ever
examined, and I don't have an Opera (donations gratefully accepted) I don't
know if this is how it is supposed to be or not.


Ron L


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I recently placed a 1A mechanism in a case and created what is a 2/4 Opera.
With the M in 2 or 4 minute and the stylus on the record and the machine
stopped how far off the record can the stylus be lifted?  On most machines
this is around 1/8 of an inch to allow for mandrel play.


The 1A bedplate is different from the Opera so I had an Opera reproduction
top brazed on a 1A stanchion.  The first M I tested out the stylus would
barely raise off the record and the second M I tested it would not raise off
at all.  I placed washers under the stanchion and will make a shim.


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have zero experience with the
Amberola 1, 3, or Opera.





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