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In celebration of World Day for Audiovisual Heritage on October 27, 2018 . .

The Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) has made sound
recordings and selected slide presentations from its 45th, 46th, and 47th
annual conferences (2011-2013) publicly available.

To browse these ARSC conference sound recordings and presentations:

Highlights include . . .

ARSC 45th Annual Conference in 2011 (Los Angeles, CA)

-- "Recording of Ethnic Music in Los Angeles," by Chris Strachwitz with Mark
and Dan Guerrero
-- "The Starday Story: Lefty Frizzell, Bluegrass, and the King Connection,"
by Nate Gibson
-- "Phonogram Images on Paper, 1250-1950," by Patrick Feaster
-- "Modern Records: A Conversation with Recording Pioneer Joe Bihari," by
Joe Bihari and John Broven
-- "Voices of the Mississippi Blues," by William Ferris

ARSC 46th Annual Conference in 2012 (Rochester, NY)

-- "Sound Recordings and Copyright Workshop," featuring Brandon Butler,
David Hansen, David Levine, Ray Ricker, and Peter Hirtle
-- "My Black Mama: The Influence and Significance of Son House Records," by
Daniel Beaumont
-- "Serge Koussevitzky and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, 1928-1950: A
Recorded Legacy," by Dennis R. Rooney
-- "Uncle Sam and Aunt Beeb: American Roots Music on the BBC," by Roberta
Freund Schwartz
-- "Archiving and Preserving the Endangered Archives of the
Twentieth-Century Iranian Performing Arts," by Jane Lewisohn

ARSC 47th Annual Conference in 2013 (Kansas City, MO)

-- "Early Bird: The Life, Career, and Recordings of Charlie Parker in Kansas
City," by Chuck Haddix
-- "Billy Eckstine: The Rise and Fall of the Fabulous Mr. B," by Cary Ginell
-- "Audio Files on the 'Voices of the Holocaust' Website," by Ralph Pugh
-- "American Jazz Bands in the Weimar Republic: Shaping Style in the
Diaspora and Unnoticed at Home," by Dr. Rainer Lotz
-- "Please Mind the Gap: Civil Rights Collections Then and Now in the
American Folklife Center," by Guha Shankar

The Association for Recorded Sound Collections is a nonprofit organization
dedicated to the preservation and study of sound recordings -- in all genres
of music and speech, in all formats, and from all periods. ARSC is unique in
bringing together private individuals and institutional professionals --
everyone with a serious interest in recorded sound.

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