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Baby Cabinet Children's phonograph made in 1920"s by General Phonograph 
Manufacturing Company, Elyria, Ohio. It is 9" wide 10" deep and 17" high.

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Phono list:

I obtained a child’s phonograph made by: General Phonograph manufacturing Co. 
from Elyria Ohio. On the label at the base of the lid in front says: Baby 

The sides and lid, are  medal, with decals, like Humpty Dumpty.

It is missing the tone arm, which I think also functions as the horn, given 
there is no place for a horn, and it appears the tone arm just fits in a very 
small hole at the right rear of the motor board.

I recognize finding such is like looking for a needle in a hay stack! *smile*

If anyone has a reference in any book, that I could get someone to look at and 
or has  a tone arm / horn etc., they would be willing to part with …..

Thanks in advance

Bob Maffit

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