Thank you, Mike! Hahaha, my phone's speech-to-text function butchers what I 
tell it so frequently that I read right through your 'mess' no problem. 😊

So if I stick popsicle sticks between the outer coil windings and the core, 
will any voltage be lost/wasted from anything being aligned differently than 
originally manufactured, or does that not make any real difference in this 

I did try the plug in both polarities -- no change in hum volume. It has worked 
on plenty of 60s and 70s portable phonos I've had, though.



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Man my last email was a mess.
Popsicle sticks can be used as shims to "tighten" up the coils. They tend to 
Glyptal is a red slushing type of paint that insulates and drys hard.
It is common for use in re-insulating coils. The spray type isn't nearly as 
good as the brush on type.
It shouldn't make a difference but you might try turning the plug around.
If that should elimate the hum, test for voltage between the motor and a known 
ground. Before polarized plugs touching say a radio chassis and a water pipe 
would zap you, 115 volts.
Damn tablets! πŸ˜…
On Mon, Nov 19, 2018, 5:30 PM Mike Stitt 
<<> wrote:
Loose coils can cause a hum type of sound. More than likely the swab used was 
glyptal. If the coila are lose use popcycle sticks.

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I once had an electric credenza with a bad hum in the motor.
I found a small motor guy who diagnosed that it had β€œdried out β€œ.
He had a solution he swabbed on several times that permeated the windings and 
fixed the hum.

I’m like Sgt. Schultz on the details. β€œI know nothing!”

On Mon, Nov 19, 2018 at 12:25 PM Ron L'Herault via Phono-L 
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The Victor book gives some tips on reducing hum, such as checking the plate 
tightness, and adding felt between cabinet and motorboard.  There are no 
circuit components other than switches.    Have you checked with George Vollema 
for the tone arm bracket?  I understand that Wyatt Marcus is doing really good 
Orth reproducer rebuilds.

Ron L

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Hey everyone, hope all is well with you folks! I need a whole new tonearm 
mounting bracket assembly for a Victor VE8-12X that I just got. This one is 
totally and utterly wrecked. Anyone know who's selling repros? Ron Sitko? JAS? 
Anyone have current contact info for a dealer who would have some?

Also, has anyone rebuilt one of these electric platter motors? This one works 
great, but it has a really loud mechanical 60Hz hum. I want to replace any 
components in the circuit that I can, and also do a full cleaning and lube job, 
but I would really like to know what I'm getting into first.

And lastly, anyone have Walt's current info in case I want to have him rebuild 
this reproducer?

Thanks a million!


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