Happy December, friends! Thanks again for the help with my recently-acquired 
8-12. George V did the mounting bracket to be like new while Walt is working on 
the reproducer.

I also stumbled upon a Credenza X with a good bit of cabinet damage and no 
reproducer, but with a clean motor and interior, with the bracketless tonearm 
in great shape. I can do all the woodwork on the cabinet, but the two things I 
could use some help with are:

What's the best way to find a good machine-specific reproducer for the Credenza 
X? I know it's one of the best ones they made, but I can't spend $600 on it 
right now. What would you do? Maybe find an Orthophonic suitcase model and 
scavenge the 'box off it?

More pressing at the moment are the motors. The 8-12's motor I've mentioned 
already -- has a big, loud 60Hz hum from the coils loosening their grips on the 
cores. I can't find anywhere popsicle sticks will even fit, and I'd rather 
secure them with that doping compound that motor repair guys 'paint' all over 
them to quiet them. Basically, I know I'm in over my head there. And the motor 
for the Credenza X is nearly dead silent for the hum problem, but it 
unfortunately has some other mechanical noise I can't figure out (a clacking 
purr type of noise -- maybe the governor weights coming into contact with 
something they shouldn't?). It's always something!

So I'm hoping some of you folks know someone out there who routinely rebuilds 
these motors who can take my money in exchange for doing these two. Or that one 
of you might be willing to. I'm hoping to dope up the coils on both of them to 
keep them as silent as possible for decades to come, and to have them 
disassembled, cleaned thoroughly, and relubed with the proper grease/oil, and 
to have them adjusted for optimal performance with new pads for the governors 
(and speed indicator in the case of the Credenza). I'm happy to pay whatever is 
required, obviously, I just need to know who to ask.

Thanks (as always) for any and all help and advice!

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