Its time once again to thin out some of my Coin-operated tokens. The ones
for sale today are all nickel sized. Interestingly enough, finding nickel
sized phonograph tokens is harder than finding penny tokens.
Non-intuitively, nickel play machines came before penny play machines at
the turn of the century. Then as the teens came, nickel play became more
the norm.

If you have a coin operated phonograph, it is awesome to have one or more
tokens to display with your machine.

   - The first grouping is stamps "BC" with "For one play on Phonograph"
   These are super cool and unusual to have "phonograph" stamped on them. I
   have 14 of them available. Price each is $12.00 Volume discount if you want
   them all.
   - The second grouping is from Queen city novelty company. Novelty
   companies and arcades housed phonographs and other coin operated machines
   for the public to enjoy. I have 8 of these tokens. Priced and sold only as
   a group at $45.00
   - The third and final group are various Arcade and Novelty company
   tokens. These are priced at $8.00 each.

Pictures on request.  Shipping is additional.

Thank you

Shawn O'Rourke
(248) 915 0954
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