As always, thanks for the information and it is certainly appreciated.


Bob Maffit


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Gregg Cline make perfect decals, they are very thin and hard for most to
apply but they look perfect.  You need to find a person who makes models and
regularly applies decals if you get any.  


Ogden chrome for nickel plating.  John tells me they do excellent work a
reasonable prices.  


Vicsonia is one of the adapters you can play DD records on Victor
phonographs.  The stylus is sapphire which wears and I have never seen a
good one.  Either broken or worn.  Diamonds are expensive these days.  I
have an adapter so a diamond will fit for the Vicsonia, but I will not have
any diamonds unless I order more.  


Duo-Vox had diamond styli.  Made by Bush and Lane.


The third type I have seen did not have a name, the box it came in said
Victor, it was held on by a thumbscrew.

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I recently  painted a Edison Standard A bedplate and a couple of parts,
which were a "disaster!". I am looking for someone who does the decals or
paints the corners and or gold pin striping. Items after doing such.


Does someone have a referral for plating phono parts?


Any comments or contacts, is appreciated.



On another note:


I was discussing with a phono friend about an adapter I have which fits on a
Victor tone arm in place of the original, which plays diamond Discs. I have
the only one I have ran across. He may be interested in obtaining such. In
the event someone knows what I am referring too, or has one they are willing
to part with, please let me know


Thanks in advance.


Bob Maffit


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