I'd tighten up the governor bearing end play ever so slightly.  Check also
to see if the governor bearings are sloppy side to side.

Ron L

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Hello to all! I hope someone can help me with this incredibly annoying
problem: the speed indicator mech of one of my Credenza X's chatters at
78rpm It's fine at 80, it's fine at 90 (I have a Hughes adapter I use for
Pathé verticals), and it's fine below 77. But right at 78 to 79rpm, it

It's pretty obviously the contact point between the leather nib and the
governor disc -- once it's up to speed, it bounces instead of riding
smoothly against the surface. I've cleaned the disc and even held some 2400
sandpaper against it, I've replaced the leather nib with fresh leather
shoestring of two different gauges (one which was sold specifically as
material for phonograph brakes), I've soaked the nibs in oil, I've slathered
them with lithium grease… Nothing helps. I can get a few plays without
chatter if I apply more grease, or clean off the grease that's there (same
result -- "disturbing" that contact point in either way helps for a few

Anyone else ever had to deal with this? 

Thanks in advance,

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